Thanks for visiting my blog.
Please be patient as i am new to blogging & i balance juggling this site’s development alongside my university degree, my 3rd year placement / exchange hunting & my outside commitments!

A little bit about me:

I’m Roman Taylor, originally from Bristol, with a background in retail & contact centre sectors working in customer service (as well as a few other random jobs to pay the bills).
After becoming victim of redundancies from a well paid & enjoyable position with Orange Personal Communications, I found the career markets available to me limited, with lesser paid roles in financial based call centres the most suited for me as better positions expected qualifications that i simply did not have.

This led to some serious soul searching over what career path i wanted to take, leading me to the conviction of returning to study as a mature student, for a career path that i will really enjoy. This is when i realised that my casual passion for all things marketing, especially branding & advertising, is the basis for a career path that i will thoroughly enjoy. The next step was to complete an Access to Higher Education Diploma at my local college, then finding the right university and degree course for me. I was thankfully successfull at gaining the Access Diploma and also accepted onto Manchester Metropolitan University’s Advertising Management & Brand Management BA (hons) undergraduate Degree!

So what can expect from this blog:

first up, my ‘Creative musings & critiques’ page is where my new blog posts will (sporadically, inbetween assignments) appear. these will range from my positive or negative reflections on various media campaigns i notice across any formats, to any industry news i feel like discussing, or any events that i have been to which i feel could be of interest to my readers.

At the end of My 2nd year, on my MMU: Agency Life I intend to post my reflections on my first ever experiences of actually working within a agency for an academic year, along with what i have learned & how i feel my experiences will have hopefully improved my professionism & employability.

The final few pages, i have reserved for sharing with you my completed assignment works throughout both my time at college and university. because, at the end of the day, I have worked hard on these pieces of work, only for them to be marked & then never looked at again. It gives me much more pleasure if other people find them interesting and have a good read, etc. One request though fellow students…



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